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23 June 4As the Board of Directors of Presbyterians Pro-Life listens for God's voice and looks for evidence of his leading into the future, we build our ministry on a biblical foundation. In Part 2 of this 1995 document, we review the church's involvement in issues of life and consider our response in light of the role of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrine of the Church.

We Claim the Gift of the Holy Spirit

The church has always proclaimed that we are enabled to live as faithful disciples of Christ by the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are no longer dependent upon our own powers, or captive to our own desires and wills, but rather we are enabled to live by God's will and to walk in his ways by the Spirit of Christ living in us.

A firm foundation: Christian theology & abortion Print E-mail
Written by Presbyterians Pro-Life   

babyhandsmPresbyterians Pro-Life has been around for almost 4 decades. It is appropriate that we take a little time for renovation. A look at our biblical foundation expressed in this 1995 publication, reveals a distinctly Presbyterian view of abortion. It is time to build something new upon it that helps us to equip more Presbyterians to live out the tenets of our faith by loving and promoting human life in hands on ways.

The vision to which Presbyterians Pro-Life calls the church is founded upon the central doctrines of the biblical faith of the church universal for two thousand years. We have not introduced something new into the theology of the church by opposing abortion and calling the church to be a community in which the love of God is demonstrated in concrete ways. Rather we speak and act on the basis of the theology which the church has claimed as its own for centuries.

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Written by Marie Bowen   

GraphicStock.com wooden-cross-3_G14-uuOu"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." John 13:34

I've heard many sermons on Maundy Thursdays. Themes usually focus on preparation for death and separation or the theme of servant leadership revealed by Jesus' action in washing the feet of his disciples. This year my pastor, Rev. Dirk Lesnett, began by defining "Maundy" as from the root word "command" or "mandate." His sermon theme was love, specifically, to "love one another."

Making Life Disciples resource from Care Net excites church life team Print E-mail
Written by Presbyterians Pro-Life   

LifeDisciplesThe Life Team of Fair Oaks Church is piloting a "first-of-its-kind resource" to equip the church minister to women and men considering abortion. Last fall the Team participated in a DVD training, Making Life Disciples, from Care Net, a national organization of pregnancy centers.

"This curriculum is just outstanding! It covers listening skills, 'care-frontation', pregnancy and abortion education, and life-affirming alternatives," said Amy Scherschligt, leader of the team.

Chosen & holy from the womb! Print E-mail

champions-of-lifePastors at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, EPC are boldly preaching about the God endowed value of human life. According to the church website both the Classic and Contemporary services are focused on "Bible based teaching that connects with everyday life." The sermons highlighted below focus on the value of human life in a gospel centered way that will encourage you personally and invigorate you for life ministry in your own congregation.

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