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Copywrite | File: #118151400 | Author: MarekDeanna Wallace has a story of rescued lives--maybe you have a story that should be told as well.

Jesus often taught the crowds using parables. A well-told story engages not only our minds, but our emotions. Often it is the stories illustrating a pastor's sermon that have the most effective impact in our lives for positive and lasting change. Presbyterians Pro-Life would very much like to hear and amplify your stories that relate to the preservation and protection of human life.

If you have a story that may help someone make a life affirming decision during pregnancy or at the end of life, please consider telling your story in writing or via video or audio for us to share with our website and email viewers and readers. For example your story might be important for someone to hear if:

• Your mother considered abortion, but chose life for you—[insert read more here]perhaps because someone was praying outside an abortion clinic, or a Christian reached out to offer love and assistance.
• You survived an attempted abortion
• Your birth mother chose a plan for adoption
• You adopted a child whose birth mother chose life
• You were advised by a medical doctor to abort your child because of a dire pre-natal diagnosis, but you put your trust in God and celebrate your child's life for as long as he gives it
• You have had an abortion and have experienced God's grace and forgiveness and healing

Your story could be the means that God uses to implant a spark of hope in a birth mother who feels desperate and believes abortion is her only option. Your story of how God moved to rescue your life may encourage her to protect and nurture the life of the child developing within her womb.

USA today recently (1-27-2017) published Why I March for Life, a story by Deanna Wallace, in which she explained, "I march for the unwanted." Wallace tells the story of three "unborn, unplanned, unwanted" babies born to one teenage mother between the ages of 14-19. Wallace describes the neglect, abuse, and then entry into foster care that these three very young children experienced. She asks, "Would it be better for these little children to never have been born?"

While some might answer yes to Wallace's question at first, most who read the rest of her story will disagree.

All three children were adopted by one loving couple who cared for them, guided and taught them, and loved them together as family. Wallace shares the end of the story in these words:

Baby #1 is now a strong, independent, military wife. She loves photography and has a beautiful son of her own.

Baby #2 is a caring, intelligent man who loves to read, play video games and has a steady job he enjoys.

Baby #3 went to law school and is now an attorney with the nation's leading pro-life legal team at Americans United for Life. She gets to spend every day helping state legislators and policy groups pass laws that protect other unwanted children, giving them the chance to overcome the circumstances of their birth, just like she did. Baby #3 is me.
This is my family. This is my story. This is why I march.

If you have a personal story of God's rescue of human life, please contact PPL.

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