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Written by Marie Bowen   

I’m a single mom”, she said. “I had a baby when I was 17.” “He’s 7 now. It’s hard, but he’s worth it.”baby_Elih2

I really don’t know why this young mother shared so personally with me. She was the receptionist, no make-up, speaking in the muffled tones of a someone with a head cold. I was paying my bill. Some everyday comment prompted her to open a window into her personal life. It was clear to me that she is committed to parenting her son. She readily acknowledged that her schedule was crazy—“He’s into sports now.”

She appeared tired, stressed, but there was no hint of complaint, defensiveness, or bitterness in her demeanor. She is a winsomely real mom slogging through the daily challenges of full time work and parenting a 7 year old. She is cheerfully committed to doing her best. Her own mother is supportive and that helps. I wanted to ask if she was part of a church. Had she received any assistance, any encouragement from a loving congregation? The moment was not conducive to that sort of conversation.

When I arrived back at the PPL office and began to read my email correspondence, I found the picture of Baby E (above). It was sent by the young, unmarried mom that called us last month. You—our PPL supporters on Facebook—provided the baby clothing and furniture she needed!

These are the things that keep the ministry of Presbyterians Pro-Life real for me. Yes, PPL disagrees with the stand of the PCUSA on abortion and we work diligently at every opportunity to call the PCUSA to a position that affirms the sanctity of human life as taught in Scripture. We call our church to truth and to cherishing the lives of moms and babies. PPL also works to equip congregations to meet real needs. Please join us! We need your help, your prayer, and your support.



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