PC(USA) Policy on Abortion
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1 Genocide, whether Armenian or abortion, stems from idolatry 2916
2 The Church needs a fresh response to abortion 2751
3 Pro-Life Testimony at 221st PCUSA GA 3098
4 PCUSA GA refuses season of prayer and reflection for unwanted children, born and unborn 4252
5 Moving from uncomfortable silence to grace-filled ministry 2834
6 What does God say about all children? 2614
7 Justice and stewardship that includes the unborn 2630
8 A Call to stand by children as well as woman 2579
9 "Once human life begins it is a sin to take that life" 2473
10 First do no harm 2531
11 The 1992 General Assembly policy on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion 4261
12 Sections "I. D. 6. Positions A & B" 7742
13 Sections "I. E." (Policy Development) and "III. A.-E." (Recommendations) of the Report of the Special Committee on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion to the 1992 General Assembly Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 6851
14 RCRC's Views on Abortion Are Out of Line With PC(USA) 2287
15 ACSWP Meeting: Side chats about life 1477
16 The PC(USA) 1992 Abortion Policy and the Unity of Truth 1785
17 Advisory Committees Meet to Expand Support for Late Term Abortion 1944
18 Our association with RCRC compounds our disunity on abortion 2028
19 BOP Medical Benefits Plan covers late-term abortions 2846
20 PC(USA) is out of step with its members and society in its 'no legal restrictions on abortion' policy 1875
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