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Written by Marie Bowen   

MFLphone-photos-329webEvery year on (or close to) the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion in America, hundreds of thousands of Americans board buses in the cold and dark of early morning and ride to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. More crowds march on the West Coast or in their local cities. The marches are increasingly dominated by young men and women who demonstrate by their peaceful presence, creative signs, and colorful hats that they care deeply about the dignity and value of every human life. On that day they March especially for unborn children vulnerable to the threat of abortions. Few Presbyterians are among the marchers. Why should this matter?

Make no mistake, abortion is a threat to human life in our country and around the globe.

There is no cause of death that takes more human lives in America! The AFA Journal this month compared deaths by abortion (59,974,434 since 1970) with deaths of Americans in wars since 1775 (657,946) at 91 to 1.

In fact, abortion is the leading cause of human deaths in the U.S. Yes, annual numbers of abortions have fallen just below one million since 2014, but annual deaths by abortion remain significantly above the top two causes cited by authors in a February 2017 article in Medical News Today. Abortion was not even considered in their top 10 causes of human deaths, instead, listing heart disease (614,348 deaths) and cancer 591,699) as top threats.

Why should this matter to Presbyterians?

One of PPL's core values is human life. We value every human life at every stage.

We value all human life from fertilization to natural death as a gift of God created in His image.

Another of our core values is advocacy.

We value communicating graciously and clearly on behalf of defenseless and vulnerable human beings.

PPL is changing in response to God to be more relational in the way we equip Presbyterians to champion human life, and we are examining everything we do and say through the lens of the gospel. At the same time, PPL remains committed to advocacy and ministry that leads to the protection of the most vulnerable human beings like those in the wombs of their mothers, who are totally dependant on her nurture for their survival.

The unborn child provides an image that connects us to the truth of our own total dependence on God's love and mercy for our survival. Only through God's grace do we have faith to believe in the acts of Christ on our behalf. His acts on our behalf provide us the free gift of eternal life and grant us undeserved right standing before God.

So, march and write and post to social media to draw the attention of our nation's leaders to the plight of tiny human lives. Connect with PPL and be equipped to advocate winsomely and effectively. Let us serve you as you serve those who need Christian hope, love, and grace, and the assistance of the church so they can be encouraged to choose life. I encourage you to remain compelled by the gospel, and to get connected with PPL. We are here to help you be an equipped champion of human life at every stage.



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