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October-2016-2webcropTraining leaders and equipping churches to develop pro-life ministry emerged as the priority focus for PPL in 2017 as The Presbyterians Pro-Life (PPL) Board of Directors met last week at the First Presbyterian Church of Ocean City, New Jersey.

Over the coming months expect to see new resources on our website, in articles in Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, and on our social media pages that address the questions posed around the table as we met: Why does your church need a life issues committee? How do I start a life team in my church? How do I talk about miscarriage in my church? How do we tell the gospel to an abortion minded woman? The Board will be examining these and other questions together and we anticipate we’ll have some great information for you as we learn more about pro-life leadership and ministry ourselves. I hope you will stay connected with us as we move into an exciting year. We’ll need your prayers and your strong financial support as we run with the vision God has given us for moving forward as a distinctive Presbyterian and Reformed voice for life.



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