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fetus-made-with-love_graphicstock.comHow we go matters more than all the eloquent things said here. Kelly Rosati (V.P for Community Outreach at Focus on the Family) challenged around 500 people at the Evangelicals for Life conference in Washington D.C. with those words.

Rosati read I Cor 13 with a pro-life twist:

If we have the perfect pro-life argument without love we are a clanging gong.

If we know exactly how to make everyone value life but have no love we are nothing. If we have faith for a day where children are protected, cherished, but proclaim that faith without love we have nothing. If we give all we have without love we gain nothing. I can even surrender my body to flames, be martyred, but I will gain nothing without love.

Does this love characterize the pro-life movement? Are we patient, kind, not envious or boastful, not rude or easily angered, not self-seeking, not delighting in evil, but protecting, hoping, trusting?

When women see the church loving one another and loving our neighbors they will know they can depend on us to help them and will be more likely to choose life for their babies. When the world sees us loving our enemies, they will be drawn to Jesus. They will believe us when we say that God stands ready to forgive all our sins and that includes the sin of abortion. When we pray for those who persecute us they will begin to believe Christ died for them. Love is not a tactic to win a political war. Love is a way of being that shows Christ to the world. Being truly pro-life means loving others as Christ has loved us.

ERLC Evangelicals for Life conference took place January 21-22 in Washington D.C.
All conference videos have now been posted online.

Here are several highlights:



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