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MFLpers camera 019webA recent study shows that abortion tops the list of issues conservative Christians want to hear about more often from the pulpit—bioethical issues too!

"Spiritually active Christians who hold politically conservative views believe that churches should be more involved in the political process. In particular, they are eager for their pastors to teach them what the Bible says about today's social and political issues."

In the report, "God's People Want to Know", the American Culture & Faith Institute of Woodside, California reveals data from a research study of mostly conservative Christians directed by George Barna. The study conducted in July and August of 2015 shows that 67% want to receive more information from their church about what the Bible teaches on social and political issues. Abortion tops the list!

Abortion (beginning of life, right to life, contraception, adoption, unwed mothers) at 91% topped the list of six issues identified by respondents as highly important and about which they feel a great need for information. Another life category, bioethics, was ranked as highly important by 76% of respondents and included such topics as cloning, euthanasia, genetic engineering, cryogenics, organ donation and surrogacy.

71% of the survey respondents said it is "extremely important" for their pastor to preach or teach the congregation about abortion. Five other issues ranked with high importance by at least 80% of study participants were: religious persecution/liberty, poverty, cultural restoration (morals, law & order, values, self-government), sexual identity, and Israel.

"America urgently needs cultural direction from those whom God has placed in positions of spiritual leadership," the report concludes. "One way of providing such leadership is by shaping the thinking of the nation's Christians by teaching them foundational biblical principles related to the pressing social and political issues of the day. . . If people's worldview is on target—which such teaching is likely to impact—then their actions will follow."

The full report of the study can be found by clicking the link above.



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