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champions-of-lifePastors at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, EPC are boldly preaching about the God endowed value of human life. According to the church website both the Classic and Contemporary services are focused on "Bible based teaching that connects with everyday life." The sermons highlighted below focus on the value of human life in a gospel centered way that will encourage you personally and invigorate you for life ministry in your own congregation.

Chosen in Christ, Josh Hall, Assistant Pastor for Teaching and Family Ministries, October 16, 2016 (38.31 minutes)

"Great ones among us should be those who love the most" states Josh Hall in an uplifting sermon about our identity in Christ. We are Chosen in Christ – our identity is in "Whose we are," Hall states. We should resist the lies we hear from society that tell us to be:

1) Defined by what we have
2) Defined by what we do or what we have done
3) Defined by what other people think about us.

Life is Holy, Kirk Bottomly, Senior Pastor - January 29, 2017 (42 minutes)

Includes a personal testimony from a young unmarried woman who became pregnant and who chose life because of the ministry a center for alternatives to abortion. Her sister, Heidi Matzke, Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center, shares the long-term impact of walking through that experience with her sister.

"Human life is holy because God made it," Bottomly states. "God owns it," he said, referencing Psalm 100: "It is he who has made us and we are his." His sermon incorporates numerous Biblical references to life in the womb, including the pregnancy stories of Elizabeth and Mary. Both women were pregnant at the time of a meeting between John the Baptist and Jesus: "John high fives Jesus, womb to womb," according to Bottomly.

He emphasized God's loving presence with us, (Psalm 139) as David recorded— "not from birth, but from conception! God values and cherishes every human life from the moment of conception. Human life is holy life." "That's good news," says Bottomly, "in a society where 1.2 million abortions happen every year."

Bottomly shares his vision for the Fair Oaks church's response to abortion. "I don't want our church to be 'pro-life' if that means we are anti-woman. I don't want our church to be 'pro-choice' if that means we are anti-baby." Bottomly shared his very personal concern for life in the womb, and the painful experience that ignited his passion that those who have experienced abortion would know that "You can be forgiven."

You should hear that story in his own words (at about 39 minutes in this 42-minute sermon). Take the time! You will be invigorated for ministry that leads to life.

Life is Holy, Tim Dakin, January 29, 2017 (34:11 minutes)

"Jesus is for all people and God values human life." Tim Dakin preached on the same texts and theme as Bottomly on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday at Fair Oaks, only his sermon was delivered at the Contemporary service. Both services used the same video testimony and included an address from the Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center.

Using Psalm 139, Jeremiah 29:11 and Jeremiah 1:5 he reminded listeners that God has a vision for our lives and he has known us from before we were born.

"This church," he declared, "is not leading with what we are against...we serve a God who is unconditional in his love for you." He pointed to the historic Church which "has always protected the unprotected in our world. It's been our thing. God is clear that all life is holy and to be protected. Loving people and protecting them is not an optional feature of our faith!"

Dakin addressed directly those who might be struggling in making decisions in painful pregnancy situations.

"This church is committing this morning to caring for you. We will help you raise this to us! Tell us your story!"

Fair Oaks is the home of the Pacific Area Chapter of Presbyterians Pro-Life, better known in their congregation as "Gospel Driven Champions of Life."



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