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Written by Laureen Bodnar   


Good Morning kids! Does anyone know why today is a special celebration?  (yes or no…)

Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. That title sounds complicated so I’ll make it a little easier to understand.  The third Sunday of January every year, is a date for us to celebrate the importance of Human Life which was created in …Who’s image? (God’s)  Yes, in God’s image.  I bet you’re pretty happy to be alive, right?

Come with me, we are going to take a tour of the (church name) Hall of Fame.

(Lead the children to one of the elderly people in your church…ask the child to name (s)he. Then move to a young adult, maybe a parent of one of the kids and do the same. Do the same for a teenage and then a baby, if there’s one in the congregation. I did this activity with photos. I made collage posters of the different age groups starting with an embryo, fetus, babies, children, teens, young adults, older adults, and the elderly of the church and then led the kids to each poster hanging.)

Return to the front then ask: What are some of the differences in the people we met in our Hall of Fame?  (younger, older, white, black, male, female, taller, smaller-be ready for anything)

Do any of the people we visited look exactly alike? (If there are twins in the congregation and someone says “yes”, follow up with “yes they do but are they the same person? (no)

That’s correct, no one is exactly the same, because God made each of us separately and uniquely. (Read: Psalm 139:1-6,13-18 or just 13-18-NLT is easier to understand)

So God knit us together inside our moms’ before we were born.  Do you know how small you were when God first made you? (put a tiny ink dot on paper ) You were smaller than this dot. Each day you grew a little more.  Eighty weeks later you were this big. (show the precious one fetal model) about 39 weeks later you were born and everyone finally got to see how beautiful you looked. Your eyes, cheeks hair, hands, etc)


Laureen Bodnar is a former staff member of PPL and gave this Children's Sermon on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday at Northminister Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA.



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