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Written by Jody Fletcher   

Things you will need: a helium birthday balloon or two; party hats; a party noise maker or two; some small cupcakes(enough for one per child); one birthday candle; matches or lighter

Procedure: COME IN wearing a party hat and carrying all of the party paraphrenalia. Give each child a hat, noisemaker, or a balloon to hold.

ASK CHILDREN: "What does all this look like?" [Answer- birthday party]
"Great! What do we usually sing at birthday parties?" [Answer- happy birthday]
"Ok, let's do it," you say, while lighting a candle in one of the cupcakes.

LEAD THE WHOLE CHURCH IN THE SONG: "Happy Birthday to you......" until you reach the part where everyone says...."happy birthday dear..." then stop and listen in an exaggerated fashion until everyone halts because they don't know to whom they are singing.

THEN ASK: "Who are we singing to? Anyone? Whose birthday is it? Is it yours? Yours?" etc.
ASK: "Whose birth are we celebrating then? Birthdays are a big deal, right? Why? Do you remember your birthday? Who remembers the day they were born?"

LOOK AT THOSE WHO RAISE THEIR HANDS AND SAY: "You do? What? You remember it being all dark and then suddenly -hey it's so LIGHT now! Wow! Look at all these funny faces starring at me.

No? Well, what makes birthday so special?"

"Life! Your life, and your life, and your life [pointing to kids and adults alike]. God thought your life was so very important that he provided a very safe and protected place for you to grow and mature until you were big enough to survive out in the world. Inside your mommy is where you stay warm, protected and safe until it becomes your BIRTHDAY."

"God considers our human life so important that he decided to send his Son, our Savior, to earth the same way. Jesus came as a little baby protected and safe in his mother's body until He was born on His birthday in the same way you were born on your birthday."
ASK KIDS: "And what is Jesus' birthday?" [Answer: Christmas] "That's right. We just celebrated that not too long ago and that was a pretty big deal too wasn't it?"

"Life is a really big deal to God. Your life is a really big deal to God, and yours, and yours, and mine. That is why we celebrate our births."

"Let's thank God for our precious lives and births"


End by giving each child a cupcake (mini) and say "Happy Birthday everyone!!!Things you will need: a helium birthday balloon or two- party hats- a party noise maker or two- some small cupcakes(enough for one per child)- one birthday candle- matchers or lighter

This was written and presented by Jody Fletcher, Fort Square Presbyterian Church Quincy, Mass



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