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Written by The Rev. Dr. Mark D Atkinson   

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God freely offers forgiveness & restoration to the repentant

(I John 1:9; Isaiah 55:7)

What does Scripture teach regarding the nature of human life and the unborn? Is abortion a sin? Does God forgive abortion? Final installment in a series of six Scriptural Themes that indicate why we are pro-life.

I remember a Peanuts cartoon where Lucy is looking out a window, watching the rain, and worrying that it might rain enough to flood the whole world. Linus tells her that that will not happen, because of the promise given by God symbolized in the rainbow. Lucy tells Linus, “You’ve taken a great load off my mind.” Linus replies, “Sound theology has a way of doing that.”

I John 1:9 may be one of the most comforting verses in the Bible. This theological affirmation is so important. Abortion is a sin. It is a grave sin. But we have a God who is greater than our sin.

In preaching against abortion, our goal is not to condemn, but to offer God’s grace.

No matter what the past, forgiveness and healing are found in Christ.

God loves and cares for women in crisis pregnancies. The Lord Jesus has a special place in his heart for women facing an unexpected pregnancy. You see, his mother has been there. Mary knew the turmoil that accompanies an unexpected pregnancy.

We claim that promise of I John 1:9.

Christ forgives and cleanses those who come to him in repentant faith. God has proven his transforming power in the stories of those whom he has brought to forgiveness and faith in Christ. One is Norma McCorvey – she was the original ‘Jane Roe’ of “Roe versus Wade.” She has come out of lesbianism into faith in Christ. She now speaks out against abortion. Another is Carol Everett, owner of the largest abortion network in Texas. She came to Christ and closed her business. A third is Bernard Nathanson, a doctor, and one of the original founders of NARAL – the National Abortion Rights Action League. He performed thousands of abortions, even aborting one of his own children, before he was led to reject abortion. He then became active in the antiabortion movement, producing the historic video “The Silent Scream” establishing the reality of fetal pain during abortion. Before he died, Nathanson confessed faith in Christ, was baptized and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

One thing God is speaking to me to do to become more committed to life is …

We are committed to being prolife because this is the clear teaching of the Bible. God created men and women as the culmination of his creative activity on earth. We are made in God’s image. God has a purpose for each person, determined and established before birth. God prohibits the taking of innocent human life. God requires that we seek to protect and care for the needy. Our obligation to care for innocent life applies in every case, even in the hard cases. And, lastly, God freely offers forgiveness and restoration to those who turn to him in repentance and faith.

As we draw this message to a close, I want to issue a challenge to you today. I have offered six biblical points in this series as to why we are a prolife people, a prolife church, soon-to-be in a prolife denomination. I believe God has spoken to you as we have explored these biblical themes. How is God leading you to respond? What is one step you can take to deepen your prolife commitment this day?

In the outlines I provide each week, there is always opportunity to ‘fill in the blanks:’ most of the time I tell you explicitly how to fill in the blanks on the page. But that is not the case with the last blank today on your page. You see what is written, “One thing God is speaking to me to do to become more committed to life is ___________________.” That blank is for you to decide. This is your choice. It is a choice for life. How is God leading you today?

Say “Amen” Somebody!


This is the final segment in a six-part series of articles from a sermon preached by The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Atkinson, at Fairview Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Glenmoore, PA on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 2013. You can read first five articles at the links below.

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