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by Mrs. Di Lupton
Given during morning worship, January 30, 1994
First Presbyterian Church, Olathe, Kansas

    Tiny, new baby and mother
    Sonogram of the baby, copied to 8 x 10 size
    Photo by Lennart Nilsson of preborn sucking his thumb
    Plastic model of 12-week preborn

My name is Mrs. Lupton. I know a lot of you don't know me, but maybe you've seen me around on Sundays carrying my guitar. That's because I sing with the big junior high and high school kids in the morning. They're a lot bigger than you, but they used to be your size. And you'll get big like them someday, because you're growing and growing. You've been growing for a long time.

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our church family. Would baby Kara and her mom come up? This is Kara and her mom, Mrs. Hines. See how tiny Kara is? Did you know that you were that small once, too? And you've been growing and growing. Kara is growing, also. She used to be even smaller than this! Here's a copy of a special picture called a sonogram. This picture of Kara was taken before she was born. She's inside her mommy here. See, here's her head, and her tummy, and her feet.

I'll bet you all know what hiccups are, don't you? (Do hiccups.) Mrs. Hines told me that Kara would get the hiccups even before she was born, and that made Mrs. Hines' tummy shake! (Kara and her mom returned to the pew.)

Have any of you sucked your thumb? Well, some babies suck their thumbs even before they're born. Here is another special picture taken of a baby sucking its thumb before it's born! Isn't that funny? I think it's pretty amazing!

Each of you, before you're born, you're really tiny. But you are a very special person who is growing and growing. Look at this. It's kind of like a tiny doll, but it is exactly how big you were when you were only 12 weeks old! You were this small once....so was I!...so were the junior high and senior high kids....Even your parents were this small once, long before being born.

And, always, we're so special to God. God tells us in the Bible that He is the one who makes us. He sees us, and knows us even before we are born! He planned for us to grow. He made each one of us special, different from others, and He loves us before we're born, and when we're little, and when we're teenagers, and when we get older, and even when we're sick and maybe our bodies don't work very well anymore. He loves us, because He made us, and we are His. And, we are--each one--always special.

Lets pray. Dear God, Thank you for making each of us special. Thank you for loving us and watching us grow. We love you. Amen.

Note: I was hoping to have a pregnant mom come up also, but we had no one pregnant at the time. I was going to add that we could not see this baby, but God can.--.and especially if it was early in the pregnancy, it would be really hard to tell there was a baby there.

Mrs. Di Lupton is a member of First Presbyterian Church, Olathe, Kansas. She is also the director of a crisis pregnancy center.



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