Principles of Marriage: A Sermon Series by The Rev. Dr. Mark Atkinson, Pastor of Fairview Presbyterian Church, Glenmoore, PA

  1. Principles of Marriage (PDF)
  2. Where Have All the Good Men Gone? (PDF)
  3. Calling and Contentment in Singleness and Marriage (PDF)
  4. Marriage and Gods Purposes (PDF)
  5. Husbands & Wives: Christ & the Church (PDF)

Sermons on Life
(A number of these sermons are from "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" a 1995 collection of sermons published by PPL which is now out of print. Others have been added more recently)


1 Chosen & holy from the womb!
2 Conspiracy and Apostasy
3 Image is Everything
4 Matthew 2:16-18 - Jesus Loves the Little Children
5 Big Feet, Little Feet (A Children's Sermon
6 Created in Whose Image? (A Children's Sermon)
7 Happy Birthday (A Children's Sermon)
8 Life: Precious, Sacred, Miraculous
9 "Horton Hears a Who" (Children's Sermon)
10 Made in God’s Image: Part Six
11 Made in God’s Image: Part Five
12 Made in God’s Image: Part Four
13 Made in God's Image: Part Three
14 Made in God's Image: Part Two
15 Made in God's Image: Part One
16 "Life: Precious, Sacred, Miraculous"
17 Preface
18 Introduction: The Strange Silence of the Pulpit About Abortion
19 God Planned for Us to Grow (a children's message)
20 Safe Sex: A Biblical View
21 Limping Between Two Opinions
22 Gods on the Shelves
23 Go With the Flow
24 One Little Word
25 A Pro-Life Ethic for Today
26 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
27 Children are Special to God
28 The Hope of the Gospel


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