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Written by June Ring, Adoption Consultant   

PPL Adoption Resources began in November of 1995. In its broadest sense, PPL Adoption Resources exists to develop and identify PPL as a resource to the church and to church members on adoption. This new branch of PPL is an exciting one with great potential. Our hope is that PPL can take a leadership role in helping the PC(USA), both nationally and locally, discover ways to promote and support the institution of adoption.

We are very excited about the ways in which adoption fits into PPL's organizational goals as found in our Statement of Purpose. It is our belief that integrating adoption into the ministry and mission of PPL will do much to enhance a "return to the Biblical teaching concerning the sacred value of the family" and reaffirm PPL's commitment to "strengthening the bonds of family love and nurture." We firmly believe that the church's strong involvement in adoption will do much to enhance its witness for the sanctity of life.

We have been busy compiling and writing materials that will be of assistance to lay persons, pastors, and congregations regarding adoption. It is vital to approach adoption from the distinctly biblical framework, as a God-ordained institution and not just an aspect of social services. We offer papers, pamphlets, and regular newsletter articles on various aspects of adoption. We will also be formulating papers on topics such as open adoption, interracial adoption, and assisted fertility techniques.

We are also looking in depth at what our denomination offers in terms of resources--to women in unplanned pregnancies, to couples seeking to adopt, and to children who need permanent homes. Can PPL be a catalyst for more and better resources at the denominational level? We are hopeful.

A longer-term project we hope to tackle is a history of our denomination's involvement in adoption. Sometimes we can only provide solutions by first asking the right questions: What is the past and present work of the Presbyterian Children's Homes? How are current social work practices and philosophies regarding adoption being played out in the existing Children's Homes? Are there any Presbyterians who have played a key role in adoption? What connections are being made with Global Missions and opportunities for adoption overseas?

Our hope is that this compiled information will lay the groundwork for future action. We hope to have what is necessary to make adoption-related policy recommendations to General Assembly. We also want to encourage individual congregations and PPL chapters with concrete suggestions for active involvement in adoption.



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