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Written by Marie Bowen   

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Ministry IDEAS: Baby Quilts PDF Print E-mail

Bellefield_Quilts_2Bellefield Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA has a Quilt Ministry has begun its third year making quilts to celebrate and welcome every baby born in to the church family. We meet monthly in the church building to work together on these quilts. (Each is machine sewn and quilted to stand up to serious use and regular trips into washers and dryers.) We also send out especially colorful quilts to babies that come across our prayer chain, celebrating those whose lives begin with additional challenges.

This is an inter-generational effort—students, mothers, daughters, grandmothers working and learning together.

How does your congregation affirm the lives of the unborn and the vulnerable and minister to individuals and families in the sometimes difficult circumstances that surround pregnancy, birth, and death? PPL would love to share your ideas and pictures. Email ideas.

Fellowship of Presbyterians upholds life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

"I will honor the sanctity of human life above the claims of human freedom”

From the first strains of opening worship, life was a part of the conversation at the Fellowship of Presbyterians Gathering of 2,000+ Presbyterians in Orlando, Fl, January 18-20. Vitality of spiritual life was evident in the worship services. The text of the covenant that members are asked to sign includes a clear expression of the value of human life—a stark contrast to policies of the PCUSA. “People, people are irreplaceable in the eyes of God,” said Hope Italiano Lee in the opening worship.

Pregnant and Single PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

I’m a single mom”, she said. “I had a baby when I was 17.” “He’s 7 now. It’s hard, but he’s worth it.”baby_Elih2

I really don’t know why this young mother shared so personally with me. She was the receptionist, no make-up, speaking in the muffled tones of a someone with a head cold. I was paying my bill. Some everyday comment prompted her to open a window into her personal life. It was clear to me that she is committed to parenting her son. She readily acknowledged that her schedule was crazy—“He’s into sports now.”

ASK AUGUSTINE: What do you think a Christian’s position should be on abortion? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul A Tambrino, Ed. D, Ph.D   

The principle of the sanctity of life is clearly established in Genesis 9:5-6 and in the Ten Commandments. The Bible clearly states life comes from God and we are answerable to Him for what we do with our own and other people’s lives; thus every taking of life requires justification to God.

Abortion was common in the ancient world with its earliest known written reference from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung around 2700 B.C. Plato wrote in his “Republic” that ill-conceived embryos should not be brought to birth and Aristotle said that deformed children should be left to die.

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