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A tragic shooting of innocent children and others took place at the Elementary School in New Town Connecticut earlier today, Friday, December 14, 2012.  While the motives of the shooter are unknown, Presbyterians Pro-Life strongly condemns this action and any underlying attitude that one person may take the innocent life of another person created in the image of God.

In response to this profound tragedy PPL is even more strongly committed to the work of creating a culture of life within our churches and in our larger society.  We believe that human life is to be protected from conception to natural death.

Our prayers are with the parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, family members and all loved ones affected by this tragedy. May God comfort them and grant them the peaceful presence of Emmanuel, "God with us" whose coming we celebrate in this season.

Events like this are further proof that a sinful fallen world needs the savior Jesus Christ.

"I am he who comforts you." (Isaiah 51:12)

A tiny hidden embryo is King of Kings! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

6-7-week-baby optThe gospel message suffers when we fail to include the unborn

Two of my three sons have birthdays in the first week of December. Twice I have been pregnant and have given birth during the Advent season. Those December births impact my annual reflection on the wonder of Jesus and the wonderful news that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:14).

"Birth" days are especially poignant to all those who stand to defend children in the wombs of their mothers. We share an understanding that the day we appear to the world is not the real beginning of our life. God creates a new person at the moment of fertilization in the miracle of union between the ovum from mom and the sperm from dad.

Our birthday is more like a debut—the day God unveils us to the rest of the world!Scripture tells us that our Creator God (Psa. 119:73), has known us and called us (Jer. 1:5) while we were yet in the wombs of our mothers. This truth is more precious to me than ever before because this year I welcomed my first grandchild! Our family celebrated his sonogram picture and prayed for him daily as he grew and developed in his mother's womb. What joy we felt in September when we saw the face of this precious boy we had already loved for months!

Gratitude Brackets Adoption Story PDF Print E-mail

Ju Er1"The time came when we might plan another pregnancy," Tara said of the summer of 2010. Tara and Daniel Moore were already the parents of two biological daughters (now 6 and 3). They began to pray opening their hearts to considering alternative ways to grow their family. Their adoption story began in August 2010 with "lots of prayer." Little did they know that as little as one month later, in September 2010, an infant girl in China was born who would become their third daughter in less than two years.

Gratitude started the Moores on a path of research, prayer, and discernment.

Moved by hearts of gratitude toward God that they had been blessed with much, Tara and Danniel wanted to share it with "someone who did not have anything."

We need the church to be a strong pro-life voice to society! PDF Print E-mail

imagesCABH03S0Media and cultural voices are telling women that abortion is a safe way out of an embarrassing or difficult circumstance. Teens are bombarded with sexually explicit messages and encouraged to experiment with sex while STD rates rise and abortion businesses prosper.

There is more bad news. Schools are welcoming Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, onto their campuses to teach Sex Ed and to give out free birth control and morning after pills without parental consent. This is a terrible idea on several counts. It is certainly not in the best interests of our children to have their education about sex coming from an organization that benefits by supplying birth control and abortions!

Early sexual activity has devastating consequences for adolescents.

Among girls becoming pregnant at age 15 or younger, over 80% undergo abortion. While the rate of abortions is low in girls this young (2 in 1,000) the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage of having an abortion at such a young age is immeasurable. In young women 15-19 about 14 in 1,000 experience abortion, but more make the decision to carry their baby to term than those under 15. About 30% choose abortion compared to the 80% for younger girls. By ages 20-24 the abortion rate increases to 27 abortions per 1000 women. Slightly less than 30% of pregnant young women ages 20-24 choose abortion. (CDC Abortion Surveillance Report)

Condoms not always safe - Guest Blog PDF Print E-mail

Click here to read and comment on the Presbyterians Pro-Life Blog site.

The following post is a letter to the editor published October 25, 2012, in The Moultrie Observer. It is posted here by permission of the author, Patricia Lee June, M.D., a pediatrician practicing in Moultrie, Georgia and member of the PPL Board of Directors.

Dear Editor:

Recently, a Rant and Raver in a comment mistitled "Safe Sex" asked, "What's so bad about a student having a condom? With a condom, the student is hopefully having safer sex. Without the condom, do you really think the student is abstaining?"

Certainly the risks of a student (or other unmarried person) having sex with a condom are less than without a condom, but that does not mean that having sex with a condom is not "so bad" or by any means "safe", nor should we assume that no students are abstaining from sex.

What are the possible consequences of having sex outside of marriage, assuming that a condom is used? I will address my comments to the parents of the boy.

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