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PFLchurchWe invite your congregation to join Partners for Life

The Board of Directors of Presbyterians Pro-Life would like to extend an invitation to you and your church to join in a special partnership with Presbyterians Pro-Life. We hope that by joining hands and forming deeper relationships with pro-life churches we can find ways to enhance our mutual work for the protection of innocent human life.

For 30 years PPL has raised a prophetic witness in the PC(USA) calling our denomination to return to a biblical stand against abortion and to protect every human life, born and unborn. At the same time PPL has provided educational and ministry resources to help pastors and churches cherish life and provide tangible care and ministry to women and families facing difficult pregnancies.

It is time to "kick it up" to a new level of commitment and forge strong partnerships with churches like yours. Download our Partners for Life brochure and share it with the leadership of your church. We hope that you and your session will give it serious and prayerful consideration. You may already be partnering with PPL by supporting us financially or as a PPL Care Church. If that is true, we believe Partners for Life will provide an exciting opportunity to share resources and make connections with other churches who share your commitment to life.

We encourage you to take the simple steps outlined in the Partners for Life brochure and allow PPL the opportunity to clasp hands with you in a new way in this important work of cherishing and nurturing life at every stage of development!

Contact us anytime with your questions


Membership Procedures

Partners for Life are churches whose sessions have formally voted to endorse the mission statement of Presbyterians Pro-life and declare themselves a Partners for Life congregation.It is easy to become a Partners for Life church. Here's how to do it in two easy steps: STEP 1. Request that your church session pass a motion that endorses the mission statement of PPL:

"... Presbyterians Pro-Life is committed to protecting the right to life of every human being from the moment of fertilization to the moment of natural death. In decisions about life and death, the sanctity of life of both mother and child must be respected, and every effort to preserve their lives should be made. This leads us to stand against abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and any other practice which would devalue human life."

Some sessions prefer to work through a period of congregational study on pro-life issues before passing this motion. For other churches, becoming a PPL Partner for Life is an obvious step to take as part of your congregation's existing commitment to protect the life of every human being from the moment of fertilization to the moment of natural death. PPL's Executive Director, Marie Bowen, is available to answer your questions and assist any congregation that would like to organize a congregational discussion process.STEP 2. Your clerk of session should write a letter or email message to PPL to inform us of your decision to become a Partners for LifeChurch. - Find our contact information online.

That's it, you're done! It's that easy.

  • We will send a packet of materials when we receive your communication.
  • We also list your church on our website as a Partners for Life church.
  • Your church becomes part of a national community of hope - a network of churches that stand together to be a prophetic witness to the Presbyterian Church (USA) upholding the sacred value of human life and the family within an often-hostile denomination.
  • You'll receive a print copy of our newsletter, Presbyterians Pro-Life News.
  • We'll post an announcement and celebration of your new Partners for Life status on our web site.
  • As your church organizes Presbyterians Pro-life events, we'll post news articles about your activities (with photos, if you can provide them) on our web site and in periodic email updates.
  • Partners for Life church stories will appear in print in the pages of Presbyterians Pro-Life News.

For more information on becoming a Partners for Life congregation see our Partners for Life website, and in particular take a look at the "Partners for Life" brochure, which provides more detail beyond the thumbnail sketch provided here. Our Executive Director Marie Bowen is also ready and available to answer questions or assist any congregation that would like to organize a congregational discussion process.It is our prayer and hope that the PCUSA will soon return to the Biblical teaching concerning the sacred value of the family and individual human lives. Partners for Life churches are the leaders in this movement to uphold the sacred value of human life and the family. You can help to make your church a leader: talk to your session about passing a Partners for Life resolution so that your church can take a stand for life.




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