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Written by Amy Scherschligt   

HUSH promoPic.jpgA liberating conversation about abortion and women’s health

The new award-winning film “Hush” takes a close look at the highly disputed and politicized information surrounding abortion’s long-term health effects on women. The result is a documentary that is neither pro-choice nor pro-life; it is pro-information.

Facts about connections between abortion and breast cancer, abortion and premature birth, and abortion and psychological damage, are conveyed through the investigations of the talented film maker Punam Kumar Gill. She narrates the film as she seeks the truth about a “hushed” topic that no one wants to talk about it. The heart-rending story of her own reproductive life is artfully included. The viewer is provided with much evidence, testimony, and biologically accurate animations, making Hush a must-have for every pro-life reference library.

“It is also easy to catch yourself, along the way, expecting a conclusion that the pro-lifers are right after all, and that the film-maker herself has moved toward a pro-life conversion herself. But she never lets on, either way which is perhaps the greatest testimony to this master storyteller’s art.

She refuses to insult the viewer’s intelligence by telling us what to think. She does something that is much more valuable long-term.

Putnam lifts the veil off the secret world of post-abortion consequences, gives us lots to think about, and allows the viewer to reach his or her own conclusion.” -----Joel Brind, PhD, National Right to Life’s News, July 21, 2016

To view HUSH, simply go online to and rent or purchase the DVD. You have the option to host a screening in your home with your small group or with a larger audience at your church. Once you view “HUSH” you may decide to organize a screening at a theater, university, church or community center. You will receive a one-time licensing fee contract, a screening copy of the film, and promotional tools. You can charge admission or take up a “love” offering to help cover your investment costs.



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