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Written by Presbyterians Pro-Life   

If you're pregnant and afraid, we want to help you. You aren't alone. There are people nearby with open hearts and open homes who want to stand with you all the way through this crisis. Do you feel you can't possibly continue this pregnancy yet, deep inside, wish you could? Would it help to talk to someone who cares about you and your baby?

You can talk to us. We're ready to listen and help--if you'll just call. You'll find our telephone number at the bottom of this page. We'll put you in touch with a woman from a church who lives close by whom you can talk to; someone who understands what you're going through.

Even before you found this page--before you knew that we want to help--you knew you had some decisions to make. But what are your options?


After the initial shock, many women want to keep their babies. But, if your pregnancy has come at a bad time or in difficult circumstances, this may not seem like a good option. It's hard to welcome a baby when it feels like the whole world is crashing in on you. You had plans--graduation, a job, college--a happy life stretching out in front of you, and now it kind of seems hopeless.

Though your dreams seem threatened and it's easy to look for a quick way out, we can give you the support you'll need to see you through this pregnancy. One godly option is to choose to keep your baby. If that's your decision, you'll need to begin planning right now for both you and your baby's future.

We'll help you find a church that provides loving help for women in your situation. They will help you tell your parents and help you find a place to live. You may want to talk with someone about whether or not to marry. Whatever you need--legal advice, social service contacts, transportation, food, medical care--whatever it is, we're prepared to do our best to make sure that you're taken care of and loved all through it. For the rest of your pregnancy and even after the birth of your child, we'll stand with you.

If there's a crisis pregnancy center close by, we'll put you in touch with the women there so you can be supported by them and meet other women who are in situations like yours. Usually such centers provide childbirth classes, baby clothes and furniture, pregnancy tests, and other things which you'll be needing. And, they do it free because they care. In fact, many of them want to help women like you because they were in the same situation not so long ago.


Sometime in the next few months you'll have to make a decision whether to raise your baby yourself or to release your baby for adoption.

There are many loving Christian homes where married couples have been waiting for a child to adopt for years. It could be a source of great joy to you to be a part of the happiness brought into a home through adoption. There are even Christian adoption agencies that can help you choose the adoptive parents of your child, if that is your decision.

The months of your pregnancy will give you time to explore the responsibilities of raising your baby. You'll also have time to learn about the resources available to help you. We'll make sure you have the information you need to make this important choice. There's no rush. You have lots of time to learn about the options and think through your decision. Regardless of what decision you make about your baby's future, we're committed to helping you with whatever needs and difficulties you face right now.


You can seek godly counsel from Christians who are part of a church family: We are followers of Jesus and so we want to help those who are in need. We'll help you find people in a church family who want to love and support you through every one of the difficult decisions and circumstances that lie ahead.


There are many decisions facing you in this crisis. Please consider only those options that will care and provide for the life of your child. You may have thought about abortion. Abortion won't undo the past. It won't take you back in time; it will take your baby's life. You'll lose a child you will never be able to replace. Abortion isn't the answer.


Remember, you aren't alone. God loves you and wants to turn your present circumstances into blessings. There are Christian women and men who want to help. They'll listen. Why don't you let them?

Pick up the telephone now. Call us. Someone wants to help you.



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