End of Life pastoral guidebook holds potential and pitfall, Part I PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

GA Portland

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy brings a resolution (Item 11-14) for commissioner approval to the Presbyterian Church (USA) 222nd General Assembly meeting in Portland, Oregon June 18-25, 2016. The resolution includes a pastoral guidebook, a statement of affirmation, and recommendations for conversation and advocacy. It's long—49 pages—but the subject is critically important for human lives and so it what the church says about life at its end matters, just as what the church says about life in the womb is of critical importance. So, I am taking a literal and figurative big breath and plunging into a blog series to analyze this piece of business coming to the PCUSA with both potential and pitfall.

I know a different Jesus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

feetTexas abortion provider, Hagstrom Miller, was asked in an interview if there was a "spiritual dimension" to her work. She described her background in a "liberal Christian tradition," and imagined Jesus supporting a woman during abortion:

"The Jesus that I was taught about would be holding the hands of women inside the clinic; he wouldn't be screaming at them. Acting on Christian principles is holding the hands of people at difficult times in their lives, and being supportive and nonjudgmental and kind."

Miller's view of Jesus is distorted by her desire to promote abortion as "a normal part of women's reproductive lives" as she describes it on her clinic's website. She is in the business of abortion and her rhetoric is designed to cloud the ugly reality that abortion destroys a human life in a bloody and painful procedure. She casts it instead as something positive for women. The picture of Jesus that Miller paints as someone who would sit passively in an abortion clinic and be 'nonjudgmental' demands a response from the Christian community.

Genetic engineering: What is the greatest risk? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen, Executive Director of PPL   

Fotolia 75593033 S

Some are pointing to possible use of genetic engineering for creating weapons of mass destruction, but as the church shouldn't we be considering both the spiritual and generational risks of trying to "fix" God's creation?

Abortion will not help victims of Boko Haram’s violent rapes PDF Print E-mail

Boko-Haram-720x320Orignal post on A Christian Manifesto, June 11, 2015

Few things have wrenched my heart like the plight of the young women and girls abducted from their Nigerian school by Boko Haram and violently and repeatedly raped and impregnated by terrorists. I have not written about it because the horror these girls have experienced leaves me wordless, stunned, grieving. But, now many of those girls have returned, pregnant, and are once again facing victimization by those who would use them to further the cause of abortion rights.

“Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” Yes! But ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

fig03face5mosThink of the tricky balancing act parent's experience when a child's report card shows improvement but does not rise to best effort. I face that same navigation dilemma in knowing what to say regarding H.R. 36.

This bill is a huge step in the right direction but not nearly enough to achieve dignity and protection for the tiniest and most vulnerable human beings.

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